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We welcome you to contact us for help with your Philippolis ancestors or any Philippolis-related theme!

Suggested way forward:

  • Contact us with your query and we will do a high-level search in our data-bases and literature, about your query - this is to determine what is available

  • On the basis of that, you can request the actual information and data. For this, we need to charge a fee (schedule attached). This is to enable the project to be sustainable and additional research to be done.  This project still requires several years of work.

  • Please contact us if we can assist you!

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Who we are

Prof Doreen Atkinson and Dr Mark Ingle have lived in Philippolis since 1994. The offices of the Heartland and Karoo Research Institute are at No 7 Colin Fraser Street. 

Doreen has a background in political science, rural development, regional planning, and heritage research. She has a BA Hons Degree from Rhodes University; a Masters Degree from the University of California (Berkeley); and a PhD from the University of KwaZulu-Natal.  She is a founder member and Trustee of the Karoo Development Foundation.  She has published four books, including A Most Awful Excitement: The Anglo-Boer War Diary of Gerrit Sem of Philippolis (available here).

Mark completed a BA degree at Wits University; and a Masters and PhD from the University of the University of the Free State. His specialization is development dynamics in the Karoo.  He is a book lover extraordinaire, and sells books on www.abebooks.com.

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+27 - 51 - 773 0324

Or by email or cell

The offices of the Heartland and Karoo Institute, 7 Colin Fraser Street
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Colin Fraser Street - Emily Hobhouse once walked here ...
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Removal to concentration camps, 1901